What is ClosePlan

ClosePlan is a sales execution platform that helps enterprise B2B sales teams drive qualified opportunities to close. Built natively in Salesforce, ClosePlan tools enable relationship mapping, rigorous qualification and playbooks for a best practice sales process. ClosePlan organizes and reinforces any sales methodology and minimizes rep overhead while maximizing deal visibility.


Relationship Maps

  • Quickly and easily create relationship maps natively in Salesforce with easy to use drag-and-drop functionality. Identify the people that matter and visualize the buyer’s organization so sales can build relationships with the right people to increase win rates.
  • Assign business roles and decision-making status for each stakeholder.
  • Understand stakeholder coverage by quantifying the relationship status.
  • Add influence lines, conflict lines and informal reporting lines to better understand the organizational power structure.
  • Provide additional details for each stakeholder’s background and goals to add context to your conversations.
  • Create Relationship Maps on Account and Opportunity levels.
  • Export Relationship Map to .PNG to share in meetings and presentations.

Deal Scorecard

  • Create a common language across your team with actionable qualification scorecards that adapt to any methodology. Sales can qualify opportunities in a simple and intuitive way. Deal Scorecards provide sales leadership quick visibility into opportunity health to align conversations and forecasts.
  • Scorecards support any sales qualification methodology - MEDDIC, Customer Centric Selling, BANT, Triangle Selling, etc.
  • Multiple Deal Scorecards organize different business lines, sales regions, and industries.
  • Create and track critical actions and task directly from  Deal Scorecards.
  • Visualize blind spots with out-of-the-box reports and dashboards.

Sales Playbook

  • Enable sales process alignment at scale. ClosePlan Sales Playbooks make it easy for your team to execute your sales strategy by guiding your team through a best practice sequence of events based on your sales methodology. These playbooks help best practices permeate throughout your sales organization, optimizing the Opportunity-to-Close process.
  • Create Custom Sales Playbooks for different business lines – Renewals, Global & Commercial Sales, Consulting Services, etc.
  • Introduce repeatable processes and consistency to your sales teams, reduce end of quarter surprises and increase win rates.
  • Support any sales methodology.
  • Optimize the Opportunity-to-Close process.