To use ClosePlan for your Opportunity, a new ClosePlan must be created.

Who can create a ClosePlan (deploy the Template)

A ClosePlan can be created by:

There are several ways to create a new ClosePlan, depending on your Salesforce environment and whether you are running Classic or Lightning Experience version.  

Creating a New ClosePlan in the Standalone App

Currently there are two ways to create a new ClosePlan:

1. Create from the ClosePlan list view

2. Create from the sidebar "Quick List"

Creating Your ClosePlan

How to Create a New ClosePlan from the Opportunity Page

Creating a ClosePlan from an Opportunity Page can vary based on your environment and configuration. The following section describes the most common configuration use-case.

Creating a new ClosePlan through the Opportunity Overview widget

Note: This method will only work if the widget is present on the the page. If not, create your ClosePlan through Opportunity modules below.

For Lightning Experience:

For Classic:

Creating a new ClosePlan from Opportunity modules

Every ClosePlan module allows you to create a ClosePlan from within, whether in Lightning or Classic view.

For Lightning Experience:

For Classic:

Template Selection

Selecting a template is a crucial step.  The template you choose drives what content and process will be deployed to the Opportunity.

If multiple templates are available to the user, the user must choose the correct template based on the given opportunity. Users in your organization must be informed to choose the correct template based on predefined requirements.

Template pre-population:

If your organization has deployed only one template, this template will be automatically loaded.

How to delete a template

If you choose the wrong template, you can delete the incorrect ClosePlan and recreate a ClosePlan with the correct template.

Any ClosePlan can be deleted through the Opportunity Overview widget or in the standalone ClosePlan App.

Opportunity Overview:

Standalone ClosePlan App tab: