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ClosePlan does not allow to install package directly from AppExchange. Instead, you will receive installation link from ClosePlan team when the time comes. 

Please make sure that all prerequisites are configured properly before initiating  the installation process.

ClosePlan can be installed into the Production or Sandbox organisations. 

  • For Production installation, installation link should begin with to .
  • For Sandbox installation, installation link should begin with
  • Log in to Salesforce as Administrator 
  • Choose where you want to install the application and click Install Here
  • Install in this org = installs to your Production organization 
  • Install in a Sandbox org = installs to your Sandbox organization.

Installation Process

  • Open installation link using your preferred browser
  • If needed, log in to your Salesforce organisation (System Administrator user is required) 
  • Select Install for All users > click option
  • Click Install
  • Wait until ClosePlan is successfully InstallsInstalled.
    • Installation may take some time. You will receive an e-mail when the installation is complete.
    • Note: There may be additional issues which can prevent installation, such as specific configurations in your Salesforce organization. In such cases, please contact the ClosePlan team and forward any error messages presented during the installation.
  • To verify that you have installed the ClosePlan Package, go to Setup > in the Quick Find box enter Installed Packages, look for ClosePlan


  • In case installation fails, make sure all the prerequisites are in place. Otherwise contact the ClosePlan team and forward any error messages presented during the installation or failure email.

Known Installation blockers:

titleMismatching VersionsVersion Mismatch

Installation may be prevented if your organization is organisation is still running an older version of Salesforce release. In such casescase, you must wait until an upgrade Salesforce is completedupgraded.

To Please refer to Salesforce Trust to find out when will your organization will update, please check Salesforce Trust hereorganisation receive the latest update.

  • Open the current month maintenance and find the correct row based on your server instance (ie. EU17, etc.).
  • To find your server instance name, login to Salesforce, open Setup > Company Information and look for the Instance field.